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Limitless Park & K21 Splash Pad

The K21 Health Foundation Splash Pad at Winona Lake Limitless Park had an opening ceremony on May 15th, 2015. The Splash Pad will be open daily 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. until Labor Day. The K21 Health Foundation Splash Pad is the first phase of Winona Lake Limitless Park, and its opening celebrates a milestone of several years of community-driven effort to bring a vision to reality.

Winona Lake Park has a rich history as a recreation destination and its popularity continues to increase. It is the venue for many community events, just like the Fat & Skinny Fest that continue to excite the community and visitors. In recent years, it has become apparent that the current facilities do not accommodate the needs of all the people in our community and our guests. Winona Lake Limitless Park is a multi-phased community-driven project that takes these needs into account and encompasses the vision of “limitless” play- meaning no one will be left on the sidelines.

An exciting cycle-centric portion of this project is the Winona Lake Trailhead facility which includes a year-round restroom complete with showers facilities. While much as been accomplished, more funds are needed for this year-round trailhead facility and the remaining phases. It is our goal, with your help, that the trailhead/year-round restroom is ready to use by Fat&Skinny Fest 2016! Currently, the remaining need is $150,000 for the trailhead facility and $1,067,247.05 for the universally accessible playground, pathways, and inclusive programming.
Winona Lake Limitless Park is funded through grants, corporate and private donations, all tax deductible, through the Town of Winona Lake.  Please make a donation to the Winona Lake Limitless Park today and help bring a positive change for generations to come!

The Town of Winona Lake, Winona Lake Parks Department, and residents with special interests in ADA-compliant (Americans with Disabilities Act) recreational activities are working together to bring a splash pad and limitless playground to Winona Lake Park. This will be a space for people of ALL ages and abilities to play together, offer free entertainment for families in the community, promote tourism to the area and enhance the community’s quality of life/quality of place.

Through generous support of private funders and grants, Phase 1 Splash Pad is under construction! We need your help for Phase 2 to build the universally accessible playground. We are working together to do something great for our community! Won’t you join us in making the next phase of Winona Lake Limitless Park more fun?

Concept Specifics:

PHASE I – Universally accessible water play, including:
• *Access to Winona Lake's beach and water
• *Accessible and shaded splash pad
• Universally accessible year round restrooms

PHASE II – Universally accessible playground, including:
• Age appropriate play areas that enable interaction of all children and engage all the senses
• Environmentally considerate construction
• Shaded, universally accessible rest areas

PHASE III – Additional Eco-Friendly Parking Lot and *expanded accessible parking

PHASE IV – Inclusive Summer Programming and Special Needs K-12



Everyone likes to eat, right? Join family and friends at local restaurants, where part of the proceeds will support Limitless Park!

Papa John's - Every Monday for the entire school year!!! Beginning October 6th, Papa John's will donate 20% of all sales to WLLP. You simply need to mention the park when you order. The manager's goal is to raise $50,000 for the park!


Download our brochure: Limitless Park Brochure

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