"Egg My House" Fundraiser

egg my house flyer

We want to EGG. YOUR. HOUSE!!

Jusssst kidding. Well, kind of.

Now that we have your attention... Let us ‘egg’ your house with candy and toy filled plastic eggs, or surprise your neighbors and friends with some Easter fun!

A fundraiser supporting Winona Lake Limitless Park ... Eggs will be placed the evening of your choice - the Friday or Saturday before Easter - April 15 or April 16.

We will deliver in a basket to your front door OR eggs can be hidden for an additional fee.

Now, for the details...

Order Deadline: Friday, April 8.

Delivery is limited to Winona Lake and Warsaw.

Contact us for special delivery considerations.

TO ORDER: Fill out the Google form listed below.

Orders can also be placed in-person at the Park Office (Community Center building, 1590 Park Avenue).