Limitless Park

We are looking forward to another great summer at Winona Lake Limitless Park and the K21 Splashpad, and getting to see everyone in the community join together in play. Hours at the splash pad will be 11 am-6 pm, Memorial Day through Labor Day weekend. With possible extended hours some evenings TBA on our Facebook page.

Keep your eyes peeled for a greening up of the surrounding area around the splash pad as seeding will be placed soon and visitors can look forward to grassy places to have a picnic while playing in the splash pad.

Have you noticed the year-round restrooms and trailhead designed as part of Winona Lake Limitless Park’s master plan opened in December 2019? 

Also, if you haven’t “LIKED!” Winona Lake Limitless Park on Facebook or aren’t a Facebook member, you may not know that our main focus right now is raising funding for the universally accessible Playground phase of Winona Lake Limitless Park.

What is a universally accessible playground? It is essentially a playground which is built in a such a way that everyone can be included in the play, not just sit on the sidelines. In practical terms this means - it will have a surface that is solid (like poured in place rubber or turf) and ramps which helps include anyone with mobility or balance concerns but also includes features that encourage sensory play such as musical boards and balance beams. In terms of FUN, a universally playground still means a new playground that is FUN! (For EVERYbody = children of all ages;)

Who in our community would benefit from a universally accessible playground? Well, as we said above, EVERYBODY! But, because the saying goes picture is worth a thousand words we hope that our video campaign “I am LIMITLESS” on Winona Lake Limitless Park’s Facebook page is worth SEVERAL thousand “words”. Thanks to the work of Mason Geiger and our friends at Joe’s Kids you can meet a few wonderful families from right here in our community who will are anxiously awaiting a playground just like the one planned for Winona Lake Limitless Park. Please, take a moment and check one out and be INSPIRED!

Please donate now, each dollar makes a difference!

Winona Lake Limitless Park is funded through grants, public and private donations. (fact: The Town of Winona Lake acts as the tax-exempt sponsor NOT the funder) All donations are tax exempt!

Thank you so much for all the generous donations that have made the beginning of Winona Lake Limitless Park possible. Construction of Winona Lake Limitless Park Playground will begin in 2016 but $800,000 is still needed to reach this goal.

Download our brochure: Limitless Park Brochure

Master Plan Rendering

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